The present website is not aimed at collection and accumulation of personal data, i.e. any information directly or indirectly related to a definite or identifiable person who is the personal data owner, for any intentions or purposes. Consequently Eigenman and Veronelli S.p.A. (the “Administrator”) does not request any personal information from users of the website and the latter does not contain or post any searching windows or fill-out forms the use and filling of which is conditioned by indication of personal data and does not provoke or otherwise encourage users to specify their personal information or details of their private lives.

Taking account of the above approach the Administrator of the website is not an operator of personal data in the sense contemplated in the federal law of the Russian Federation “On personal data”.

Therefore and given the above state of affairs users should not indicate, provide or specify its personal data on this website with the only exception concerning their first name and surname with addition of other impersonal information particularly required in the website’s forms. The information to be presented by users of the website shall be of exclusively corporate nature and character.


If only at its own free and unprovoked discretion or because of any negligence or mistake a user of the website has specified its personal data by filling in the forms posted on the website or by indicating it in another fashion, the Administrator of the present website is entitled to arrange the processing of the foregoing personal data, i.e. perform any actions (operations) or a package of actions with or without use of various automation technologies, including recording, organizing, storing, using, transferring, blocking and eliminating such personal data. Moreover, the Administrator has the right to arrange so called cross-border transmission of the personal data, i.e. transfer the data to Italy for its further processing.


The processing of the personal data will be arranged and carried out by the Administrator only with the aim of accepting and processing the requests and applications of respective users connected with the activities organized on the website and in order to prepare the replies to and proposals with respect to the foregoing requests and applications.

Also the Administrator of the website is entitled to process the personal data with the statistical purposes to record and systemize the information on quantity of requests and applications and their contents for further correction and improvement of the work of the website and activities of the Administrator arranged on the website, and increasing attractiveness of the website and Administrator’s services in eyes of current and prospective users.


In course of processing the personal data the Administrator of the website will take all necessary legal, organizational and technical measures and ensure that they will be properly taken by its employees and counterparties in order to protect personal data from illegal or accidental access to them, use, elimination, changing, blocking, copying, presenting and disseminating personal data, and also arrange other protecting activities with respect to any personal data received from users of the website.

The Administrator will use its best efforts to ensure confidentiality of the personal data, prevent unsanctioned access to such data and clear only those people to deal with the personal data who have enough qualifications and skills in proper and thorough handling personal information and who have been officially authorized by the Administrator to take care of the foregoing data.  

If the Administrator has discovered any violations of the regulations as to the personal data committed or allowed by the Administrator’s management or personnel, or any third parties, it will as soon as practicable eliminate these violations and wherever practicable remedy any adverse consequences which could arise because of such infringements.


If in visiting this website users provide any personal data to the Administrator of the website, it denotes that they, acting at their own will and for their own benefit, automatically present their unconditional and irrevocable consent to processing of the foregoing personal data within the limits determined by the said purposes in any ways which seem appropriate for accomplishing goals stipulated above, including through cross-border transmission of such data to Italy for their further treatment.