Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. (the “Administrator”) undertakes to keep confidential all information received via the present website from any users of such website.

The Administrator is not required to keep confidential and restrict its use of information that:

  1. is or becomes public knowledge other than as a direct or indirect result of the information being disclosed by the Administrator; or
  2. a user has confirmed in writing that certain information is not confidential; or
  3. is received not on the website, but from other sources and from parties which are not users of the website; or
  4. is given to such professional advisers, consultants, employees, managers or other third parties as are reasonably necessary to advise on and arrange the activities arranged on the website, or to facilitate processing users’ requests and applications, if the Administrator procures that persons or entities to whom the information is disclosed keep it confidential pursuant to specific non-disclosure arrangements; or
  5. presented to any affiliates of the Administrator, if the latter procures those people or entities to whom the information is disclosed keep it confidential pursuant to specific non-disclosure arrangements; or
  6. is provided to such extent as required:
    1. by current and applicable legislation; or
    2. by orders, demands or requests of empowered authorities; or
    3. to make any filing with, or obtain any necessary authorizations and permits from competent state or municipal bodies; or
    4. to protect the Administrator’s rights and interests in any administrative or judicial proceedings.
  7. if the Administrator has discovered any violations of the regulations as to the confidential information committed or allowed by the Administrator’s management or personnel, or any third parties, it will as soon as practicable eliminate these violations and wherever practicable remedy any adverse consequences which could arise because of such infringements.


The use and processing of the data received from users via the website will be arranged and carried out by the Administrator only with the aim of accepting and processing the requests and applications of respective users connected with the activities organized on the website and in order to prepare the replies to and proposals with respect to the foregoing requests and applications.

Also the Administrator of the website is entitled to use and process the data received from users with the statistical purposes to record and systemize the information on quantity of requests and applications and their contents for further correction and improvement of the work of the website and activities of the Administrator arranged on the website, and increasing attractiveness of the website and Administrator’s services in eyes of current and prospective users.