16.04.2019 VESTENAMER® 8012: many performances and many effects in one additive

VESTENAMER® 8012: one Polymer and one processing aid in a single product

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11.04.2019 Айгенманн и Веронелли – Руссо приглашает на Полиуретанекс-2019!

Polyurethanex 2019: Стенд номер 1G13, Москва, с 23.04.19 по 25.04.19

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03.04.2019 Welcome to our new Website !

We invite you to join and visit our world.

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14.02.2019 E&V rubber sector introduces new grades of EPDM By Versalis


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04.02.2019 E&V rubber sector introduces a Controllable Structure Active Zinc Oxide

Produced by PCC Pan Continental Chemical CO. Ltd

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