14.02.2019 E&V rubber sector introduces new grades of EPDM By Versalis


Dutral® TER 4548

(TX 1301)


Dutral® TX 1401 D.TER 8148


Medium ENB Content: 4,5%


Very High ENB Content (8,5%)

Very high Mooney


High MW

Amorphous grade


Amorphous grade

Developed for TPV


Developed for auto Sponge profiles




Dutral® TER 7040

(TX 1501)


Dutral® TX 1601 D.TER 5029


Medium ENB Content: (6,5%)


Medium High ENB Content (5,5%)

High MW


High MW

Dry Amorphous grade


Dry crystalline grade

Developed for GP highly filled profiles


Developed for highly filled compounds with good mechanical and extrusion characteristics



DUTRAL® BTR : The new Branched Terpolymer family

Dutral BTR (Branched polymer ) family is characterized by a new polymer structure to improve processability and increase fillerability


Dutral® TX 1502

(BTR 4049)


Medium ENB Content: (4,5%)

High MW

Amorphous grade

Developed for Auto Compact profiles